Desi's Little Piece Of Heaven

- - A Look Into My world - -

Well, I finally found a little time to update my page. Look! It even moved!
I thought I should make it relate more to how my life is now.
I have updated and added to my picture pages, also, so that'll even be a treat for my older ISCA friends.
Hopefully I won't catch as much crap for my choice of backgrounds this time. I hope everyone likes the changes.
I can be found on ISCA as always, under the pseudonym JEANSnPEARLS.
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

There will be more pages, more pictures, and much more stuff to come!!
Please be patient, i'm a pretty busy woman, you know!! *S*

Links to other sites on the Web

Jake Hallman is a great guy to meet, but if you're a sorority girl, watch out!!

Montana Mopar Man... damn, he's cool.

David... a true southern gent... even if he is a Cubs fan. :o)

Sigma Alpha Iota... The Roses among The Thorns.

Well, that's pretty much it for now...
But there will be more to come as soon as I find the time.

2001 E-mail me!! I wanna hear from you!