Tom and Desiree Moody

- - July 31, 1999 - -

Here's a closeup of our rings and my bouquet.

This is my mother and me just before the ceremony.
A lot of people say we look alike.... you be the judge!

This was taken just after my father "gave me away" to Tom.

This was taken during the ceremony.
The ceremony was extra-special to me because my father, being a minister, officiated.

Here are all of the handsome men who participated in the ceremony.
From left, Tom's brother, Bill; My father, Rick; Tom; His cousin and Best Man, Brad; and Tom's friend, Chris.
At front, The ringbearer, David.


We then moved on to the reception...

There will be more pages, more pictures, and much more stuff to come!!
Please be patient, i'm a pretty busy woman, you know!! *S*

Pictures of me with my husband.