Mopar Man Pics!


People with weak stomachs are warned to continue at own risk!

I have had some complaints about how long it took some people to load my page.

To help out the whiners, I've chopped it into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

Follow the link(s) to the desired photo(s).

Me wearing a suit. (A very rare photo.)

My friend and me acting all manly at a golf course.

A couple of my hot Mopars.

A showcase of my acrobatic abilities.

A display of my power over females.

The reason I don't like driving on highways during the winter.

The cutest baby pictures you'll see all day.

A closeup of my mom and me.

Christmas morning, 1996.

Proof I graduated from college.

Lounging with some babes.

More of my power over females.

A display of my studoscopy.

A picture that has the word "Mopar" in it.